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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Taylor Swift + Troye Sivan!!

Helllooooo world!!!!
I haven't posted a lot recently, but I guess you could say that I have been pretty busy! I have had endless amounts of tests, I had my birthday, and, of course, CHRISTMAS!
Even though there are only 18 SLEEPS UNTIL CHRISTMAS I will have to talk about it in another post. Today I'm going to talk about firstly my birthday. 
I had the best birthday anyone could ask for, and I am sooo thankful for the kind and generous presents given to me by family and friends! 

One of my main presents was tickets to TAYLOR SWIFT'S CONCERT AT THE O2 ARENA IN LONDON. I AM LITERALLY SO PHSYCHED. Ok let's take a breather from caps lock. But seriously, I am sooo happy! Because my Dad works at American Express, he managed to get me really good seats (Block 102 Row D)! Can we not. 
So yeah,  that's the first topic done in this post.
Moving on....:)

TROYE SIVAN. I have got the biggest crush on him D:(Even though he is gay!) Words can just not explain how he makes me feel. I feel so happy when I watch his videos. It just makes me feel so much better. Comment below if you too are paralysed by Troye Sivan! 

That is it with this post. I really hope you all are having an amazing Christmas and make sure to spend time with your family! What is it Buddy says?!? 
"The Best Way to Spend Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear."


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