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Friday, 28 February 2014

Spring Fashion, The Red Tour and 2014 Catchup!!

It's been ages since I last made a blog post, and Spring is finally arriving! The weather is starting to tone down a bit, which is good because I am missing the sun, but I am upset that my part of the South East didn't get any snow. Maybe next year!
Spring is my favourite season for shopping, because my style is very girly-pastel-floral, and Spring is when all the shops start to stock all my favourite colours, textures and patterns! If you haven't seen the ever-changing Spring '14 collection at Primark, I suggest you do because it is amazing!

Secondly, on the 10th February 2014 I went to the London o2 Arena for Taylor Swift's Red Tour. I screamed so loud, all the adults around were glaring at me, but nevertheless Taylor was perfect, my outfit was perfect, the whole night was perfect! If you are interested, my favourite song she performed was (And can I just say this is an unfair and impossible question) probably either You Belong With Me or Love Story.
And on the merchandise front, lets just say I spent most of my money on light up things, clothing, books and blankets! Comment down below if you saw Taylor perform and if so your favourite song?

Ok. 2014 Catchup. Christmas was great, New Year was great, going back to school was not so great, Frozen was great( And yes I am in the fandom), so overall life has been pretty good. I should be getting my bedroom at my Dad's decorated soon, and I have loads of ideas, so I'll keep you guys updated:) Soon I will experiment with taking pictures of clothes I've bought and uploading them on blog posts, but bear with me I'm just getting to grips with blogger:)

I hope you all had a lovely New Year, and congratulations for making it this far, take it from me!


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Taylor Swift + Troye Sivan!!

Helllooooo world!!!!
I haven't posted a lot recently, but I guess you could say that I have been pretty busy! I have had endless amounts of tests, I had my birthday, and, of course, CHRISTMAS!
Even though there are only 18 SLEEPS UNTIL CHRISTMAS I will have to talk about it in another post. Today I'm going to talk about firstly my birthday. 
I had the best birthday anyone could ask for, and I am sooo thankful for the kind and generous presents given to me by family and friends! 

One of my main presents was tickets to TAYLOR SWIFT'S CONCERT AT THE O2 ARENA IN LONDON. I AM LITERALLY SO PHSYCHED. Ok let's take a breather from caps lock. But seriously, I am sooo happy! Because my Dad works at American Express, he managed to get me really good seats (Block 102 Row D)! Can we not. 
So yeah,  that's the first topic done in this post.
Moving on....:)

TROYE SIVAN. I have got the biggest crush on him D:(Even though he is gay!) Words can just not explain how he makes me feel. I feel so happy when I watch his videos. It just makes me feel so much better. Comment below if you too are paralysed by Troye Sivan! 

That is it with this post. I really hope you all are having an amazing Christmas and make sure to spend time with your family! What is it Buddy says?!? 
"The Best Way to Spend Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear."


Friday, 1 November 2013


You will probably have realized that Halloween was yesterday, so obviously I am going to talk about it! I haven't been trick-or-treating in 2 years because I have been on holiday in America these past 2 years. So it was quite....nice... to go again. For the first time ever, I spent Halloween with my friend, which was very scary - but also very fun! I went trick-or-treating to strangers for the first time also instead of just going to my nan's in a cheap tesco witch costume! 
This year, I went as a frightening(not) pink fairy costume. At least is was meant to be a fairy, but I ended up looking like someone from TOWIE, with big thick false eyelashes. Oh, and may I mention I had no fairy wings! My costume was a disaster!
But seriously, I had a good time, even though I am barely awake to write this blog post!
Because i like talking to nice people, I want to know what you dressed up as! I care!

So comment below what you dressed up as, so maybe you can give me some ideas for next year! I am already planning....:)


Friday, 18 October 2013


Hello again!!
So if you didn't know already, i am a huge fan of Zoella!
If you haven't heard of Zoella, i highly reccommend visiting her blog and her youtube after you've read this blog (Will link her blog and youtube below)! The reason i have brought her up is because i am desperately hoping to follow in her footsteps. I have always loved youtube, and it is only recently that i discovered Zoella's blog! As i read on, it said that she started blogging, and then went on to youtube! I don't have a youtube account yet, but i am hoping, once my little blog here gets a few more views, to start a youtube, where i will possibly do vlogging and talking about fashion and beauty: basically what i do on here but in video form!
Going on to youtube will be a big step for me, as i am a shy girl, but i talked to one of my friends at school and she said that she has a fashion blog and she hopes to start a youtube too! If she can do it, then i will!
Also, in the meantime, i will be changing my blog, making the posts longer, adding high-quality photos, editing the display, etc. 

And finally, before you click off, i want to say a big thank you to the few people who view my page. It means sooo much to me that someone out there actually cares with what i have to say, so thank you :) Oh and by the way, i will follow and who follows me!
I will post soon so keep checking!

Zoella's Blog: www.zoella.co.uk
Zoella's YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRV5AVOlKJR1Flvgt310Cw


Monday, 7 October 2013


Welcome again!
If you live in the UK like me, then you will probably be a penguin.
It seems to be getting colder and colder each second, so my jumpers have been going into overdrive!
I have a few important things to discuss with you, but i won't do them on this blog, so keep yours eyes peeled...(Not literally peeled!)

School has been unimaginably busy with homework and tests and such, so I won't be posting on here as much as i have.
I'm sure you'll understand!!

So, at the moment, i have been freaking out because Taylor Swift London tour dates have been released, so this is a big deal for me!
I don't know what dates i'm going yet, but if you are going, tell me when and how excited you are; i would love to share your happiness!!

Been going to Primark a lot recently, and i discovered that they have released a new little sectiony-type thing!!
I didn't have much time to look, but i could see floral blouses, other pink stuff and a lace blazer/fitted jacket, which i think was around £12! So cheap!

Well that is it from me today, but again, comment with any exciting news you might have, and we can celebrate together!


Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn Fashion!

It's that time when the leaves start to fall, and when jumpers get stocked up!!
I don't know about you, but I love wearing jumpers, especially Christmas ones!!
Now, on to topic: What I love wearing for Autumn/Fall!!

I usually wear a jumper, pink or blue or any pastel colour, a pretty floral patterned fashion scarf, bleached skinny jeans, and either tan pixie boots or pastel converse!!
Of course i don't wear the same thing every weekend, but that is my typical outfit!!

What do you typically wear in Autumn?!? Also, Halloween is coming up, so has anyone got anything planned?!?

If you actually read my blogs, thank you soooo much!! I love you :)


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Online Shopping!!

Ok, so I've got something to confess.... I am an addict to online shopping!!
I think it is (sometimes) cheaper and there are some amazing stores on the web!!
My ultimate favourite is great because it is from the UK, so i don't have to pay for shipping!!
It is www.missguided.co.uk, but they ship to the rest of the world too!
This store is great, stylish, amazingly cheap, and just overall brilliant!!
I would soo recommend visiting this store, if only for 5 minutes.

I have seen and been on other popular websites, such as www.asos.co.uk, but call me a cheap scate, but it is a bit too expensive!!
Considering i'm practically broke, i can't shop there yet.

So thats pretty much all the websites i know, and i know i only mentioned two!
This was meant to be a short blog i guess.