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Friday, 18 October 2013


Hello again!!
So if you didn't know already, i am a huge fan of Zoella!
If you haven't heard of Zoella, i highly reccommend visiting her blog and her youtube after you've read this blog (Will link her blog and youtube below)! The reason i have brought her up is because i am desperately hoping to follow in her footsteps. I have always loved youtube, and it is only recently that i discovered Zoella's blog! As i read on, it said that she started blogging, and then went on to youtube! I don't have a youtube account yet, but i am hoping, once my little blog here gets a few more views, to start a youtube, where i will possibly do vlogging and talking about fashion and beauty: basically what i do on here but in video form!
Going on to youtube will be a big step for me, as i am a shy girl, but i talked to one of my friends at school and she said that she has a fashion blog and she hopes to start a youtube too! If she can do it, then i will!
Also, in the meantime, i will be changing my blog, making the posts longer, adding high-quality photos, editing the display, etc. 

And finally, before you click off, i want to say a big thank you to the few people who view my page. It means sooo much to me that someone out there actually cares with what i have to say, so thank you :) Oh and by the way, i will follow and who follows me!
I will post soon so keep checking!

Zoella's Blog: www.zoella.co.uk
Zoella's YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRV5AVOlKJR1Flvgt310Cw


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